Lacanau Ocèan

Lacanau Ocèan: This blog post is written by Pauline, a lovely student who has stayed with us twice and who is coming back again next year year (yipee!).

Lacanau Ocèan is situated on the Atlantic coast, in the southwest, in the Gironde department. There are around 4500 inhabitants in this city. There is a pleasant landscape because the city is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Landes forest.

Pauline at the beach

In summer, there are a lot of people in Lacanau Ocèan because of the beach and the different activities we can practice. There is golf, horse riding, surfing, tennis, canoeing or kayaking on the ocean; you can go to the cinema or the media library.

There is a lake not far away where you can practice windsurfing and there are sailboats and you can go sailing. There are some campgrounds near the lake.

In August there is a big surfing competition called Lacanau Pro and it's an event for the world surfing championships.

The beach at Lacanau Océan

There is also a big avenue with some clothes shops and a lot of ice-cream makers. There are a lot of restaurants along the coast. There is now a huge attraction in front of the sea, a big wheel.

Allées  Orthal is one of the main shopping streets

Thank you Pauline. It sounds like a wonderful place to visit!