Ajaccio, Corsica

Victor (15) and his father, Jean-Michel (57), are two current students who recently stayed with us and they wrote this blog post for me and for you too! They live in Corsica and I asked them to write about their beautiful island and this is what they have to say:

Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. There are 320 000 people on the island and in summer there are 2 million people on the island.

Ajaccio (where they live) is in the south of Corsica and 60 000 people live there. It's the capital of Corsica and the biggest city. In Ajaccio there are lots of beautiful beaches. The city is famous because Napoleon was born here in the 1800's. The city is quiet in the winter and very active in the summer. The cafés are open all year round and there are lots of Corsican people in the cafés. A beautiful place to visit in Ajaccio is Sanguinaires.

Victor and Jean-Michel

Famous foods in Corsica are cheese, cold meats, fish and biscuits. Typical Corsican dishes are grilled wild boar, veal cooked with mushrooms and for dessert fried Bruccio (a Corsican cheese).

In Corsica, we play all sports, like soccer, volleyball, tennis, golf, surfing... You can swim in the sea, go fishing or stay on the beach. During the winter you can go skiing and walk in the mountains.

In Corsica, there is a long hiking trail, the GR-20. It's very beautiful, but very long: it takes 15 days to do. This hike starts in the north of Corsica and goes to the south. You sleep in refuges (mountain huts/shelters) with other people. There are beautiful plains, mountains, lakes, animals and flowers.

To finish off, the nights are fabulous – you can see the stars and the planets very clearly.

Thank you Victor and Jean-Michel!